Avi Odiz’s  law firm was founded in 1990.

The firm counsels and represents in all manner of criminal matters, extradition law, martial law, economic and financial crimes, tax offences, white collar crimes – money laundering, securities, offences by corporate officers and authority officials, disciplinary law in the police and civil service and ethical problems, administrative appeals, and appeals to the high court of justice.

The firm is ready to counsel the average individual or the well known man, the the small business or the large corporation, discretely, respectfully, fairly, with unparalleled thoroughness and tenacity.

The vast experience and knowledge that have been accumulated in all areas of the law over the many years of work, and the reputation acquired are irreplaceable assets of great value.

Legal trouble and entanglement can be distressing to the point of crippling the life of an individual or the activity of an organization, over a prolonged period of time, and have destructive results and repercusssions. Hiring an attorney to help cope and find solutions is the first step and a necessity.

Avi Odiz has vast knowledge and experience in all fields of the law, and he and his team have the ability and resources to give counsel in any matter, even the most complex of issues, or a matter combining several different aspects of the law, or ranging into matters outside the realm of the law.

Identifying the loopholes and opportunities of a legal case is a form of art, facilitated by diligent in-depth study of the disclosure material and information.

Avi Odiz has represented defendants in many trials, from small or simple and straight forward to the most complex, including complicated widespread cases encompassing massive amounts of documents, transcripts, video and audio recordings, witnesses and various privileges.

The firm gives personalized dedicated representation, massive investment in the case and a strive for excellence.

The firm’s motto is victory, even if at times only a relative victory is possible, in which case the firm will work to obtain the best solution available under the circumstances.

The firm does not deal in empty declarations and promises, but works diligently to maintain the high standards it has set in all its years of activity.

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